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Virtuemart Extensions

We offer five Virtuemart extensions; downloaders and an advanced MP3 Player.

Advanced Media Player is a scrollable CSS-based user interface, floating over the JW Player, version 7, displaying a program list or playlist of video, audio programs. Each program is associated with a Virtuemart product; either a downloadable product or merchandise product.


The programs are configured as VirtueMart child products, under a parent product. Each child is configured with the Advanced Media Player plugin and configured with separate links to both preview and download file. 

The Advanced Media Player is capable of playing Youtube and private videos, and audio. Youtube or private video and be played - while muted - in the background, based on JW Player 7. Any program can be linked to a download product or merchandise product in Virtuemart. Has a built-in download plugin for Virtuemart, so that downloads can be accessed via the Orders page or in My Downloads menu item. It is capable of selling either merchandise or download content. It has three preview modes:

1. Audio only - showing the album image in the background

2. Audio - showing muted video in the background - with an audio or video button that will toggle and override program video

3. Video - with an audio or video button that will toggle and override program video

There is nothing like this media player because it permits the publisher to showcase or preview audio tracks  VOD of live video in the background.  This video can contain related music videos, live studio feeds, video advertising -- all at the same time. Soon - we'll be adding an optional plugin that allows the Advanced Media Player for JW Player 7, to preview and deliver on-demand video and audio, streamed with secure HLSe. 

It would allow individual media shops to offer streamed audio, similar to the new generation music sites. 

Please review the demo video below, and download the trial to see the power of the Mediagration Advanced Media Player.

Our famous MP3 Player User Interface, on top of the cutting edge Bit Movin MPEG DASH player.

The MediaGration MP3 Player is a revolution in media. MP3 Player for Virtuemart 3, is designed for music and audio download sites, recording artist, record labels, and it is designed for sites that sell physical media (CD), or EP download or on-demand music. It is 100% connected to Virtuemart. 

The Medigration MP3 Player includes a download plugin, and it allows customers to download from their orders page. It is based in the JW Player and has the ability to:

  • Preview and Purchase a single track or virtual EP (audio album)
  • Assign a YouTube or private video or playlist to each track or EP
  • Play muted video or a video playlist in the background!

The MP3 Player play o muted videos in the background while the audio track is playing - is unique! No other application does this - in any framework. 

The basic user experience is to play the MP3 Player's playlist indefinitely, until the user decides to purchase a download or media product related to the track in play. Also sellable - the related music video!