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MMCart for Joomla - Complete Solution for Pay Per View Web Sites

MMCart for Joomla is a software extension that permits small, medium and large publishers to sell secure streaming video and audio (HLS, MPEG-DASH, Flash, etc.), from a low-cost shared hosting account. MMCar also sells images, PDF, video chat, online games, apps, lessons & exams, external sites and live events. 


Powered by PHP and AJAX technology, integrated with Open Source and commercial transcoders, media servers and media players, MMCart provides publishers with tools for every aspect of their streaming operation, on both Linux and Windows servers. Our Joomla version is currently available, and our Wordpress version will be released prior to 2018. 


MMCart permits customers to preview, purchase, and view purchased content - anytime they are logged into their account.  They can also rent, subscribe, and gift products. It is iOS and mobile-friendly, PCI compliant, also allows shop owners to sell merchandise in addition to media. Live and on-demand streams can be protected with Simple DRM Plus TM, developed by MediaGration to guard against unauthorized access, viewing, sharing, downloading or copying. Supports all languages, currencies, shipping methods and providers, and PayPal and payment methods. 

MMCart integrates and gives API control to the most popular media players (JW Player, Video JW, Bit Movin'), and media servers (Evostream, Wowza, WMSPanel). It connects one local media server, and an unlimited number of remote media servers and media sources, to your viewers, automatically, through their previewed or purchased products.

MMCart provides everything you need to upload, prepare, publish, manage and sell on-demand and live video on the Web. Publishers can sell site passes, program subscriptions, or apply pay per view, pay per minute, pay per play and pay per download billing. MMCart is the world's only plug-n-play, end-to-end OTT solution, for the sale of OTT content.  It is extremely affordable and can be scaled to support from a few to millions of users and views.  Shops using MMCart can also sell shippable merchandise. 
MMCart has out-of-the-box integration and management of all vital components in your pay per view media store - including eCommerce store design, billing management, media server, and media player.  It has built-in support for Video JS, JW Player, Bit Movin' Player and API integration with a growing list of media servers, including Wowza, Evostream, WMS Panel. The optional Product Creator (with the FFMPEG Converter) uploads, transcodes, prepares and productizes uploaded video and audio files, from mobile or desktop devices. MMCart is sold separately (for existing AJAX eShop sites), and in several packages:

  •     Starter Package - MMCart, AJAX eShop, DropBox, GDrive, YouTube plugins, Product Creator
  •     Apache HLSe Package - MMCart, AJAX eShop, Product Creator,  FFmpeg Converter, Apache HLSe plugin and setup script
  •     WMSPanel Media Server Package - MMCart, AJAX eShop, Product Creator, FFmpeg Converter, Wowza, EMS, WMSPanel
  •     Wowza Media Server Package - MMCart, AJAX eShop, Product Creator, FFmpeg Converter, Wowza, EMS, WMSPanel
  •     Evostream Media Server Package - MMCart, AJAX eShop, Product Creator, FFmpeg Converter, Wowza, EMS, WMSPane
  •     High-performance Package  - MMCart, AJAX eShop, Product Creator, FFmpeg Converter and all other MMCart plugins
  •     Live Broadcaster Package  - MMCart, AJAX eShop, Product Creator, Matukio Events plugin, all MMCart plugins
  •     Enterprise Package  - MMCart, AJAX eShop, Product Creator, FFmpeg Converter, and all MMCart plugins

MMCart turns a Joomla site into a powerful box-office, like NetFlix, Blockbuster or Amazon Prime. MMCart supports ABR HLS (HLS v4);  a format that can stream to all devices.  MMCart also supports MPEG-DASH, RTMP and other streaming protocols No other pay per view software gives publishers more features, billing and packaging options, integrated players, media servers, and readers. 

All MMCart Web sites require AJAX eShop, required plugins, add-ons, Linux, Curl, FFmpeg and sufficient bandwidth, memory, and storage to support both Web and media service.

MMCart Workflow

Screen Shot of Category List 

MMCart is the complete software solution, for pay per view, Joomla 3 becomes a sophisticated box-office Web site with the following big advantages:


  •  End-to-End Integrated Solution; compatible with Commercial and Open Source Web Frameworks, Media Servers, Media Players
  • Mobile-friendly upload wizard (Product Creator)
  • Built-in API support for JW Player, Bit Movin' Player, Video JS Player
  • Built-in API integration with Evostream Media Server, WMSPanel and Wowza Media Server and Apache
  • Automatic timed preview feature (with countdown timer)
  • Automatic transcoding of all uploaded video and audio
  • Built-in Media Player Player Wizard
  • Secure preview, sale, and delivery of all media content with Simple DRM Plus (TM) for Wowza, Evostream, WMSPanel Media Server
  • Mobile friendly, AJAX-powered 
  • Bulk Media Uploader & Product Creator automatically creates media products for live or on-demand videos, audio, images, pdf, merchandise. 
  • Plugins supporting bulk YouTube import
  • Plugin supporting streaming from Dropbox and Google Drive
  • Charge by viewing sessions, calendar time, metered time
  • Support for HLS, Flash, MP4, and all video and audio formats supported
  • Bulk product import & creation
  • Shadowbox previews on Category and Product Pages
  • Social Sharing buttons on each preview
  • Package two or more product of any type
  • Create gift cards and e-Coupons
  • 15-year track record as the most comprehensive and powerful PPV, PPM and subscription solution for CMS frameworks. 
  • Customers can preview and purchase any media item from a list page or a product page. 

Note:   JW Player is the most-used and fastest loading video player on the web. The new version is their fastest, lightest and smartest player yet. It boasts some impressive features such as MPEG-DASH support, a CSS skinning model for easy customization and full IMA 3.0 support for HTML5.


The myMedia page (shown below) displays every customer's active subscriptions and lets them know how many sessions or days remain. It can be named anything the publisher wants, such as "myBooks" or "myMusic", etc.

Integrated Players

  • JW Player 
  • Bit Movin' Player
  • Video JS Player 

Integrated Media Server Support

  • Wowza
  • Evostream
  • WMSPanel Media Server
  • Apache

Two Steps to Publish

With the optional Product Creator for MMCart, a wizard guides the user through the above steps on their mobile phone, tablet or PC. There are three simple steps to publishing powerful HLS videos or live events in MMCart:

1)Upload one or bulk videos from mobile phone, tablet or PC
2)Review the file list, specify the specific name, price, description, category, etc.
3) Submit the list of uploaded product

That is all there is to it! You can publish hundreds of videos, songs, images, ebooks, or shipped products, in a matter of minutes.  Users can then browse and purchase videos or other media, and view it immediately, or anytime later when they log in. With our security plugins, MMCart is capable of implementing Simple DRM Plus. 

Simple DRM Plus

Simple DRM Plus (TM) is a plug-in-play implementation of Apple's widely accepted HLSe, combined with proven authentication and content protection technologies. Simple DRM Plus is a technology and practice, developed by MediaGration; combining multiple standards-based security technologies, with best practices, to achieve exceptionally strong protection for video and audio content. MediaGration currently has plugins for Joomla. A Wordpress plugin set is scheduled soon, along with a generic Simple DRM Plus (TM) Toolkit (TM) for stand-alone Web sites and application developers. 

MediaGration Simple DRM Plus harnesses the below technologies:

  • CAPTCHA-powered user-authentication - human "character" 
  • Secure Files and Directories prevent unauthorized discovery and access to content
  • Account Validation - Each user's subscription is checked before play is started
  • Player Restrictions and Control - prevent play by unauthorized media players
  • Hotlink protection - prevents the sharing of source links
  • File Aliasing (Single-use URLs) - providing content protection and defeating sharing of source links
  • AES-128 Encryption - encrypting each HLS segment; making assembly and decryption extremely difficult

By implementing the above standards-based technologies, publishers achieve the maximum security against compromise and unauthorized sharing. 

Simple DRM Plus requires the below software:

  •  Joomla with CAPTCHA
  • Virtuemart
  • AJAX eShop
  • MMCart for Joomla 3
  • Mediagration Aliasing Plugin (for EMS, Wowza, WMS Panel)
  • Mediagration Encryption Plugin (for EMS, Wowza, WMS Panel)

In addition to the above security technologies, two servers are required - a Web server and separate media server. Only the co-located Web server (or authorized remote Web server), has access to content. MediaGration is working with industry partners, customers and IT security firms to test the strength of Simple DRM Plus, compared to other video and audio security technologies, including conventional DRM. Some are suggesting that because it is strong enough to prevent any low-budget attempt to violate it, it can deliver more than enough security for live and recorded video and music. 

Simple DRM Plus Certification

MediaGration will be publishing more information about Simple DRM Plus, and also certifying sites that meet the minimum requirements of a Simple DRM Plus Site (TM). All sites installed by MediaGration receive certification. Other sites require an audit by MediaGration. All certified Web sites display a live graphic certificate (with links to their certification profile), verifying that they have passed our certification test.