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Video conferencing is set to increase among businesses and outpace regular audio conference calls over the next few years. Low cost, easy access and the elimination of usual conference call challenges (such as figuring out who’s talking, trying to interact with distracted attendees and losing connections) are all some of the top reasons video conferencing is becoming so popular among business users. As WebRTC grows, users and providers are realizing the benefits of putting video conferences on browsers.

WebRTC promises real-time communications from the browser – no downloads, no plugins necessary. There are many companies working to deliver on that promise, but some are more accessible than others. WebRTC functionality and enable users to join and share a video conference without having to register, signup or download an application. 

OpenTok is one of the most the popular and reliable WebRTC Platforms. It was developed by TokBox and is the basis of a new Medigration plugin. It supports live interactive video, voice and messaging into your web and mobile apps (with screen and document sharing). 

The plugin includes a live event scheduler (for customer booking), which lets event hosts create live event products quickly and easily. The OpenTok event scheduler option in the Product Creator, allows hosts to schedule a live event, and an MMCart product is automatically created - as shown in the below screenshots.  Event alerts are sent at purchase time, and minutes before the event. Authorized participants click on the link in the email and are taken directly to the conference. 


When customers purchase the live event, they receive email alerts to customers prior to the event. When they click on the link inside of their alert, they are immediately taken to the OpenTok video, audio or text chat session, set up by the live event wizard. 

MediaGration will be releasing a plugin for the Interactive OpenTok application, allowing presenters to conduct conferences during live events.