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MediaGration Simple DRM Plus SDK is a set of PHP scripts and an API library; allowing Web publishers to implement Simple DRM Plus technology in any Web site, employing a choice of three powerful media servers (EMS, Wowza and WMH Panel).  The toolkit permits publishers to implement complex streaming policy and operation on any Web site. The Simple DRM Plus SDK includes the script collection and helper scripts to implement the other elements of Simple DRM Plus.  Here are the PHP scripts:

  • User Access Integration - determine who can view media 
  • Display Control - Determine public and private view
  • Stream Control Plugin  (for EMS, Wowza, WMS Panel, Apache, Nginx)
  • Aliasing Plugin (for EMS, Wowza, WMS Panel)
  • Encryption Plugin (for EMS, Wowza, WMS Panel, Apache, Nginx0

User Access Integration - script permits easy integration with stand-alone and CMS sites

Display Control - script permits publishers full control of initial thumb or splash image, or no initial thumb. 

Stream Control Plugin - for EMS, Wowza, WMS Panel; allows publishers to enable, disable, start, pause, ff, rwd, slow motion, fast motion, segment play - any audio or video clip; based on pre-defined logic. 

Aliasing Plugin  - for EMS, Wowza, WMS Panel; implements strong content protection on all video and audio; no content can be accessed by file name; only with a dynamically generated alias; issued only to authorized viewers.

Encryption Plugin  - for EMS, Wowza, WMS Panel; prevents unauthorized downloading and sharing of video and audio. 


Simple DRM Plus is a technology and practice that employs the below technologies, to build a highly secure infrastructure:

  • CAPTCHA-powered user-authentication - human "character" 
  • Secure Files and Directories prevent unauthorized discovery and access to content
  • Account Validation - Each user's subscription is checked before play is started
  • Player Restrictions and Control - prevent play by unauthorized media players
  • Hotlink protection - prevents the sharing of source links
  • File Aliasing (Single-use URLs) - providing content protection and defeating sharing of source links
  • AES-128 Encryption - encrypting each HLS segment; making assembly and decryption extremely difficult
By implementing the above standards-based technologies in any Web site with password-protected user access, publishers achieve the maximum security against compromise and unauthorized sharing. Additional technologies can add additional security - including but not limited to IP address blacklisting, IP address whitelisting, country blocking, SMS verification and more. 

Simple DRM Plus requires the below software and tasks:
  • Linux or Windows Host
  • Web site with CAPTCHA
  • PHP, CURL, mySQL
  • Streaming Media Server (from below list):
    • Evostream Media Server
    • Wowza Media Server
    • WMS Panel, AWS or any Open Stack environment

In all Simple DRM Plus installations, two servers are required - a Web server and separate media server. As long as a single server has sufficient memory, both servers can run on the same physical or virtual server. But only a co-located Web server (or authorized remote Web server), has access to content. In addition to one of the media servers above, an MMCart-powered Joomla site is required, along with an HTML5 compatible media player (JW Player or THEOplayer).

MediaGration is working with industry partners, customers and IT security firms to test the strength of Simple DRM Plus, compared to other video and audio security technologies, including conventional DRM. Some are suggesting that because it is strong enough to prevent any low-budget attempt to violate it, it can deliver more than enough security for live and recorded video and music.

Beyond Security

Simple DRM Plus (TM) stream control capabilities permit site publishers to do lots of powerful, performance efficient, and cost-efficient and creative things with streaming media, such as:

a) Site Wide Anti-leaching
b) Autoplay video for n-seconds
c) Match audio track to specific country (IP address block)
d) Swap content or ads based on country and language (for example - YouTube for regions that can't access advertiser products)
e) Blacklist or Whitelist specific IP addresses, regions or nations. 
f) Match captions to specific languages (based on IP address)
g) Limit number of playbacks
h) Play specific segments or sets of segments
i) Match Video Ads to Specific Regions / Languages
j) Preview in slow-motion (Facebook style)

Our SDK is evolving every week, so expect more features and capabilities soon. If you are interested in purchasing, give us a call (we must qualify all customers before distributing this software).