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The MediaGration Product Creator is a Joomla component; a product uploader, transcoder and creation wizard; allowing shop owners to create hundreds of merchandise and digital products in a few clicks.  It works only with AJAX eShop on Joomla 3 but will be available for Wordpress and other frameworks soon. 

Video and Audio Products

For video files, it performs all the tasks required for selling streaming or live video - including uploading, transcoding, storing, and thumb image creation and product publishing.  It will also let users upload audio files, PDF documents, image files; users can sell on-demand or downloadable versions of the same content.  In the case of merchandise, it allows users to create hundreds of products in less than five (5) minutes.  Users can specify default prices and categories for each upload session, simplifying and speeding-up the process of bulk product creation.

When used with MMCart and the FFMPEG Converter add-on, the Product Creator automatically creates and configures video and audio products; performing every process required to ready the video for streaming; from uploading, transcoding, product creation. After uploading and scanning (optional security scan), it automatically transcodes the files from almost all video formats to HLS-compatible playlists, based on to the bit-rate options set-up in MMCart transcode configuration. With Apache HLS plugin, MMCart implements ABR HLS playlists for different bit rates, then makes it available for immediate streaming by your choice of Web server, media server or cloud storage site.

Archived Files

Any type of archived content can be automatically created into downloadable products; including, but not limited to:

  •  Images and Photos
  •  Streaming Products
  •  PDF documents
  •  Applications

Image and Photo Products

Adding image and photo products simply requires a single or multi-file upload from any phone, tablet or desktop device. 

PDF Documents
When PDF files are uploaded, MMCart inserts the preview and delivery URLs for the document, it is inserted into a built-in reader. 


For merchandise, the user simply uploads images, and each can be assigned a default price, category, and manufacturer, or a unique one.Merchandise - product images are uploaded and instantly configured as shippable products. To add merchandise, the user uploads one or more images, and the Product Creator displays a list of all the products, where they can edit the product name, price, category, description. 

 Screen Shots


The Product Creator, with MMCart and the FFMPEG Converter, will upload video files of audio files, and it will automatically:

  • Upload
  • Scan for Malware (optional)
  • Transcode (primary and fallback formats)
  • Segment (HLS only)
  • Encrypt

The Product creator will also pull a still image from the video file and use it as the product image.  allows AJAX eShop Stores and Publishers to upload and create products by importing videos, sounds, images, and E-books in large quantities; it works well on mobile devices and PC, allowing the upload of all videos in a folder or all videos on a device.

Configure videos on local or remote media servers or cloud storage accounts. 

Upload any video format, and files are converted into one or more output formats 

 After upload, users can price products and assign to a category. 

After uploading, files are transcoded and deposited into a secure directory.

After the final step of the Product Creator, products can be sold. 

View a video of the entire process, using local Apache files to stream HLSe format: